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“This is my last chance, if I lose, I never get to do this again!”


Disney is at it once again with Car movies. This exciting movie is kid friendly and yet gains interest from older people. When new motor racers including the hot racer Jackson Storm, enter into the Piston Cup race and beat Lightning McQueen, He suddenly realizes that he needs help to win the race. Lightning goes to training to gain the secret to beating them.

Cruz Ramirez is set as his trainer. From Junkyard races to simulators to rides on the beaches Lightning can’t help but notice she is a lot better than him in racing. After much training he enters again, but wonders who is a better him or Cruz.

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Lightning learns that he is not the best racer. He gets sad but, figures out a way to change that. Lightning gets mad, a lot of times but doesn’t show it with an outburst.

He also learns to be considerate of others and not to be proud. Like most car movies it is kid friendly most of the content is good.

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There is only a few negative parts. One, we see Lightning in a “car bar” sipping oil with a few old time racers. Second, Lightning disobeys Cruz’s orders and advice and ends up hurt.

Also, Jackson puts Lightning down making Lightning feel bad by saying mean things to him like “Have a nice retirement”. There are a few words like shoot mentioned 2 or 3 times. Lastly, someone says “its family night, so no cursing.”


Are you looking for a movie for exciting family movie night? Well, how about Cars 3? As you can see, this awesome movie is great for any age, and it is entertaining too. Will Lightning beat Jackson Storm, or will Lightning step down from being a racer? Will the new racers replace Lightning? Is you want to buy this movie click on the link below.

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