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Balls? Carriage? Cinderella? What does all of this have to do with this movie? Well, Cinderella’s mom dies. Her dad remarries a cruel lady with two uppity daughters. So, once the dad dies, Cinderella gets treats as a slave.

Cinderella has as animal friends who help her when things go wrong. When news comes to the house about a ball in the castle, Cinderella is overjoyed. Her stepmother promises she can go if she can finish her chores before time…..and find something suitable to where.

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This movie is amazing! Just like the Little Mermaid, this movie is a musical. Cinderella gets treated bad, but doesn’t complain. She is a great example of what to do when things are hard.

Also, Cinderella looks out for little animals and is kind. When a mouse is caught in a trap Cinderella frees it. She makes little clothes for all of the animals.

Lastly, there are no bad words in this movie. All of these things family friendly and fun to watch.

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First of all, Cinderella has a fairy godmother who does magic. As Christians we know that is wrong, but it is a fairy tale. All make believe!

Second, we see Cinderella being treated like a maid. Although it sounds bad, it grips attention from everyone wondering how it Cinderella will get rid of her evil stepfamily.

Lastly, there is a cat named Lucifer. We all know that was the name of Satan before he became evil. So like you can guess, Lucifer is bad.


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Will Cinderella go to the ball? What will happen to her evil stepfamily? Will one of them marry the prince? Will Cinderella be a maid forever? Who will bring the justice to this family.







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