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Inside Out

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“So Riley, how was school?”


Have you ever wondered what is going on in someone’s head? This movie is about emotions in your head and a girl named Riley moving to a new house. They list five emotions:

Joy is always happy and gives Riley happy memories. All of Riley’s core memories are happy made by her. Sadness gives Riley sad memories. The last three are Disgust, Anger, and Fear. Joy and Sadness get sent into long term memory with the core memories. Meanwhile, all the emotions Riley can have is Anger, Disgust, and Fear.

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In this movie Riley shows great character when she moves because bad things happen one after another. Joy always looks on the positive side of things. Also, in the end she finally understands everything is not about her. When everything looks bad Joy tries to make things better. Lastly, one character sacrifices his life to save Joy.

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There are not a lot of bad parts, but there are a few concerns. Since Joy and Sadness are gone, they each try to take Joy’s place. That would work if Disgust was happy. When Riley is asked how her day of school went she says what Disgust thinks Joy would say “Fine I guess.” Her mom signals the dad. To end the conversation she tells her parents to shut up and gets sent to her room. If you want to watch the clip click this link.

Also there are a few bad words but not really bad ones. Also Anger gets mad and one time says “Can I say that curse word. It’s a good one.” Also, spoiler alert she runs away from home when things are bad.


I think this movie is great even though there are a few parts they could of switched around. So if you are thinking of a movie night as a family this is a great one to try. What will happen to Riley? Will Joy and Sadness get back to headquarters? What will the rest of the emotions do without them? click on a link down below where you can buy it.

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