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“The Junior Detective Agency is back online”


Spies. The Cat. These characters play an important role in this movie. When Sam Steele gets grounded and told to put the Junior Detective Agency to a stop, he obeys. Meanwhile one of the members leave. This leaves Sam in a tough spot.

When a new neighbor moves in. He gets determined to reopen with her being his partner. She agrees only to surprise him that she is ready to take on the Cat.

Who is the Cat you ask? He is a thief. An excellent thief. He started stealing stuff from a museum, who put Sam’s dad on the case. When he takes to long to figure the case out they appoint new spies. This triggers Sam to search more.

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One time we catch Sam saying in his monologue “Well I guess he doesn’t believe in the rule thou shall not steal.” Also, there is no language.

When Sam gets punished he takes it respectfully instead of throwing a fit or getting mad. He also always wants to help people. Finally, he always obeys even when it is hard.

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One big part sticks out to me. Sam’s friend is leaving like I said and she is a girl. In the movie it flat out states that he likes her. On Sam’s friend going away party, she shows him a building that can be used for The Junior Detective Agency. She says he can have it for a kiss. He is disgusted about doing it but he agrees. They just barely touch lips as he runs out saying “Don’t tell anyone about this.”

Also, he gets a crush on his new neighbor which makes her have weird thoughts about him. Lastly, this movie is very slow. It takes a while to get to the interesting part.


So this movie was a little slow at first for us until we get to about the middle, but as we watched on it resolved in a good way. If you like spy movies and have patience to wait to solve the mystery, then this would be a great movie to watched. Will the Cat get away? What is Sam Steele going to do? Will he and his new partner get along? What is going to happen to Sam’s Dad, will he be fired? All these and more are answered in Sam Steele and the Junior Detective Agency. To watch this movie, click on the link below:


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