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“If we’re going to stop the mayor and his goons, its going to take everyone…”


Yup, that’s right, Squirrely and the gang are back. The villains in The Nut Job are locked up and now, the nut shop is completely vacant. You know what this means! Squirrely and his friends no longer have to gather nuts. But when a unexpected thing happens, the animals are forced to go back to Liberty Park, only to learn of a plan that the Mayor is planning. Will the gang be forced to leave there beloved park, where will they go?

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This movie teaches a good lesson, “Everything isn’t just about you, sometimes you have to work with others to get things done.” When the Mayor wants to get rid of all the animals, the animals all have to work together to protect the park. In the end it all works out. Buddy and Squirrely are shown as friends that always watch each others backs, even if they are big and furry.

When Precious is taken captive, Squirrely and Buddy go to save her, showing true friendship. Mr. Feng learns that if he has the ability to help, he should. He promises that he will help the park stay a park. He doesn’t want to let the mayor do what he did to his home happen to the park.

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While building the amusement park, the mayor is very hasty at his work, this we know is a bad habit. The Mayor says to his workers that they should cut corners so that they can get done faster. He also buys “condemned” equipment to use for Liberty Land, the amusement park. The Mayor acts like a very greedy man that stops at nothing to make sure “every part of the city is making me profit.” He also makes risky driving moves just to save time. Therefore, the mayor is not someone that you would want to use as a role model for your life.

As for language, there is very little. Words such as “j–z”  are used, there is not much passed that. The mayor’s goons use tranquilizer darts to gather the animals. One accidently is shot in the mayor’s daughter’s butt. She begins to look dizzy and walks around weirdly. A couple of dogs have pups and go through somewhat of a relationship in the movie. The dad says near the end of the movie, “come on pups, lets go mark some territory.”


Are you ready to follow the unknown story of one of the most common animals on planet earth? Do you want to see how Buddy and Squirrely met? How are the animals going to take the park back from the mayor? Find out in the sequel to The Nut Job in The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature. You can buy it by clicking this link:


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