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“The Dark Side,  the Jedi, they’re real, all of it”


Star Wars has returned! After about 30 years since the Return of the Jedi, Lucasfilm finally begins the sequel trilogy. In this new trilogy, a defected storm trooper, a scavenger, and a daring pilot join forces to find the legendary Luke Skywalker and defeat the First Order. Yes, that’s right, the remains of the Empire have gained strength again and now they are led by the new Supreme Leader Snoke and his apprentice, Kylo Ren. Will the rebels be able to destroy the First Order’s new secret weapon before it is used to destroy them?

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Finn, the defected storm trooper, doesn’t think that killing people is the right thing to do, and when ordered to do it, he resists. He leaves the First Order and never wants to go back. This is a good lesson “follow your conscience.” He also shows self-sacrifice to save other rebels from harm.

They also show the spirit of never giving up. In every Star Wars movie, the rebels always fight to the end, even if it means losing. When times are looking down, they still stay to attack, not flee. In the movie Rey, the scavenger, is offered a lot to sell a piece of equipment that isn’t hers, she refuses and walks away from the person.

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In the middle of the movie there are some monsters that a person sells and we see some of them get loose and begin to eat people, though not really shown. There is a lot of violence, but most of it is not bloody, with the exception of a storm trooper putting a bloody hand on Finn’s helmet. One other one is when a person hits his side and blood comes out. Another person gets light sabered through the gut. There is no blood.

When it comes to language, they’re are three or so words including h–l. Some people tell Rey that she doesn’t belong in the fight. They call her a name. Also, Kylo Ren is seen looking into peoples minds and one person starts yelling and begins to sweat. He also has blood on his face.


So are you ready to see the next part to the Star Wars saga? I hope so! In this episode you will get to see the return of Han Solo and Leia Organa. You will also watch the constant fight to find where Luke Skywalker is. Who is Kylo Ren? What is the secret weapon that the First Order has created? Where is the legendary Luke Skywalker? Will they find they’re only hope? All these questions are answered in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You can order it now and watch it on Amazon video, or you can buy the DVD and plan a movie night. The decision is up to you! Both links to Amazon are below:

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