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“Nobody’s going to be thrown away”


The Toy Story gang is back! This movie is zoomed ahead in Andy’s life, where he is going to college! The Toys think they are done for, and after a mishap of events, they end up at Sunnyside daycare. At Sunnyside they meet a whole new cast of characters who are led by Lotso. But is Lotso as cuddly as they make him out to be?

Ripe Apples

The gang says they need to stick together no matter what happens. Woody tries to encourage everyone that everything will be just fine. He even goes to save them when they are all in danger. Buzz Lightyear tries to keep everyone together, but Woody believes they need to be there for Andy.

When the toys are at their darkest hour, they all join hands to be together till the end. This movie shows true friendship.

Rotten Apples

Since it is a G movie, there isn’t that many rotten apples. There is a little language, but nothing extreme. We see one doll shirtless and in his underwear. We also see the toys go in a bathroom and one slips and someone says “watch out for puddles.” Barbie and another person are in love and rub noses and say “I love you” in the movie. Lotso is a very shady bear and lies to people just to make them help him. In the end, he learns his lesson.


So are you ready to see what the Toys are going to do at Daycare? Will they all stick together? Who is Lotso? Is Andy going to throw them away? Is Sunnyside the place for the Toys to be or should they be there for Andy? Find out in Toy Story 3. You can buy it at the link below.

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