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Parents in today’s society don’t care about there children as much as they used to. This movie tries to teach others how they should raise their children. While it is a Christian movie, it still can be used by un-Christian families. The lesson this movie tells us can be life-changing.  Be the bow and shoot your children (arrows) on the right path of life

Ripe apples

This movie (as explained above) is meant to help parents. It teaches many lessons that parents can use to help raise children. Throughout the movie, the parents are shown going through trials and trying to get there kids on the right path. Now, even though it is family friendly, it is more meant for adults, since it is about parenting. When the kids are doing wrong, they are corrected, which is the right thing to do.

Rotten apples

There are very few problems with this movie. Along the movie, they begin doing things wrong, for instance, they yell at their kids,  but eventually, they learn that this is wrong and fix their ways. Also, the children do some things that they aren’t supposed to do, and they get punished.

In this movie, there is no language. There is, however, a few bad things. For starters, there is one kid who is seen having drugs, which the mom takes away. The kids disrespect the parents, but this is fixed. Also there is a scene where there is a naked baby boy, who has literally just been born.


So are you ready to learn how to parent your kids? In this movie, I hope you will get the inspiration you need to learn this very important lesson. It just left theaters, so you can not watch it at this time. This is not meant to be a movie that you watch for the sake of entertainment, as much as it is meant to teach us how to parent our kids.

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