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“You didn’t write this song in 10 minutes, it took a lifetime…”


Bart Millard had a really tough life. In his childhood, he had to go to sleep listening to music because he couldn’t stand his mother and father’s yelling. Later on, his mother left home and he was left with a father who only cared about football.  Bart’s father had been very abusive to Bart, and after a bunch of accidents, Bart’s life changed course. As it changed, he learned he had the skill for music, which led him to join MercyMe, a band that would soon be known to write the song “I Can Only Imagine.”

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This movie is based on a Christian song. The people in this movie are Christians, and they are always praying for each other and helping each other out. Also, there is no language. This movie shows the lesson of apologizing, and hence, forgiving. One person completely takes a 180 in life and wants to make things right. Through him, people can see that God can change people. This movie is very inspiring to Christians, and it will help you realize that God is always with you, no matter what.

Shannon, Bart’s girlfriend, always is praying for Bart and cares very deeply for him and his dad. She wants to help Bart even though he refuses. She shows great friendship to him. Another man tries to help Bart through trials by helping him reach his dream. He tells him to never give up and always try your hardest.

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As I mentioned above, Bart’s parents weren’t the happiest couple. The dad throws a plate at his son’s head, which bleeds. Also, Bart is refers to his childhood as an adult that he was beaten so bad he couldn’t move. His parents shout a lot and the mother leaves home. The dad appears to be drunk, but we never see him drink, we just see him as being a hot-tempered man. Bart’s father also says “Dreams don’t put food on the table, work does.” Bart’s dad believes that his son has to do what he wants, otherwise he won’t make it in life. His dad doesn’t want him to do what he is good at, only what he wants him to do.


This movie was very inspiring to me. It shows me that no matter what, things can always change. I think that Bart Millard is a very strong and courageous man for God. I’m glad that he shared his life story with others so that they to could be inspired and learn the lessons he learned in his life. I think that you would enjoy this movie as much as I did. Below are some links to buy it, I hope that you find it very inspiring.

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