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Why does God let bad things happen to me?”


Soul Surfer is a true story based on a woman named Bethany Hamilton. Bethany Hamilton loves surfing, she was a winner at surfing events and enjoyed doing it everyday. And just recently, she had people who wanted to sponsor her. Everything seemed to be going great, until a accident came. When one day out in the ocean a shark came up and bit of her left arm while she was surfing. Can she still surf with one arm, and why did God let this happen? Will Bethany have to be done surfing and how will she live without it?

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This movie is a Christian movie. It basically has the lesson that God always has a plan for you. There are many people who help Bethany and encourage her. She does help on a mission trip at one point. One thing that you don’t see in many champions today is humility. When Bethany is shown winning (while she still has her arm) she brings others up with her and isnt prideful. Also the parents tell her that she doesn’t have to do things that the people want her to do. The parents show that they really care for there little daughter.

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Although it is a Christain movie, there are some problems with this movie. While at the beach, we see a few shirtless men and some women in bikinis (including Bethany and her friend). One person is looking for a “hot” outfit for the surfing competition, and they jjoke about a bra looking like a pirate patch. One of the girls says, if you have a wipeout, you will be showing a little more than you want to show,” though, this never happens.

The shark biting of the arm scene is a little scary, but we see no piece of the arm, just a lot of blood. The shark is only on the scene for like 2 seconds.

As far as language goes, the only thing we hear is “o my gosh.” This makes it a good movie for people who don’t like a lot of language.


I found this movie really inspiring. It shows that there is life after death, figuratively speaking. Bethany learns some very important lessons. Watching this movie may give you a reason to keep trying with whatever you are trying to do. I hope you watch it. Below I am going to post links to buy the video. Click on them and it will lead you to


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