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“All of a sudden, there was a flash of light and I couldn’t find them anywhere….”


If one morning you woke up and found that hundreds of people you knew had surprisingly disappeared, what would you do? This movie is based on David, a police officer whose best friend is a Christian. When David and his wife, Laurie, go on a yacht with his best friend and his wife, they expect a nice lovely vacation. But David finds it as a nightmare. Every time he has a dream, his friends and wife disappear,  but then he wakes up, and the same thing happens again. Is he seeing into the future, or is it just a nightmare?

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David is seen saving one lady from death. David wants to understand why people keep disappearing, so in his “dreams” he asks others why this keeps happening to him.
Laurie and David eventually come to the Lord.  David’s buddy is always trying to get David to understand why people must accept Christ.

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There is a lot of shooting. In the beginning, one person is shot and killed, another is shot in the side. Another two people are shot with a rifle, one is shot into the water and one dies slowly.
Another person throws David into the water after knocking him unconscious.
We also see David shirtless in many scenes. As for language there is only one use of “o my gosh.”


This movie gets people to really think. It makes them think about where they will go when the Rapture takes place. This movie teaches some good lessons. The only problem I have with this movie is that it more than half the movie is when David is in dreams, so when he wakes up every time, you are confused. You never know what is a dream and what is not until the end. Other than that, this is a great Christian movie. If you would like to buy it, click below on one of the links.

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