Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers: The Last Knight


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“Earth is more than meets the eye”


Prime has gone back to Cybertron and a ton of alien robots keep landing on earth. The Autobots and Decepticons are trying to hide from the humans and blend into the world. The Autobots have a human named Cade helping them. As Cade keeps protecting the Autobots, a strange message comes along saying that if Cade doesn’t get a magic staff, Cybertron is going to crash into the earth and kill everyone on it, but the thing is, it will fix Cybertron. The Autobots know that it isn’t right to kill all the people of the earth, so they try to stop Cybertron’s attack. That is, all except Octimus Prime, who is brainwashed by his creator who makes him try to get the staff before the Autobots do. Also Megatron (yes, he is back) is helping his maker as are all the Decepticons, because they are just pure evil.

Ripe Apples

The Autobots are always looking out for each other. They understand that earth is the human’s home and they had there chance to save there planet and didn’t. They want to save the human’s planet so that the humans won’t have to experience the pain the Autobots did. Cade also gives up his life to illegally help the Autobots by protecting them. Instead of living a happy life with his daughter, he understands he needs to help the Autobots. Izabella wants to help too, but mostly for revenge and to protect Autobots. Autobots sacrifice their lives so that humans can live.

Another good thing is that we don’t see a lot of spiritual content that is negative in this movie. Minus the language, there is one fight that is fought in a church, and the church gets trashed.

Also, this movie is full of some exciting action and adventure, so if you like action and adventure, this would be a great movie for you. Just make sure to check the rotten apples first.

Rotten Apples

There is a lot of violence in this movie. Mostly it is the Autobots that fight, so there is very few humans we see die. We see one human slowly die. When an Autobot or Decepticon dies, green blood comes out of him, and then he shuts down. Mostly there are blasters that are fired at the enemy, but they mostly just bounce off. One exception is that we do see a medieval fight when some knights go to war and a lot of people die.

There is a little bit of sexual content in this movie. Cade’s wife died and now he only has his daughter. When asked what he would say to his daughter, he cares for her, but he does say don’t date anyone from a band, especially a drummer.  In one scene Cade says that Vivian’s dress is distracting, and she replies, “I could take it off.” Cade replies “Sure,” but she never does. Also, a mechanical contraption is stuck on Cade, and we see it go down the front of his pants. Vivian is there and quickly says she will leave, since he is shirtless. Cade tells her it’s all right and she asks him if it hurts. He says “no” and puts on a shirt.

We hear of a merlin that is given a magic staff that they are after. When they find the merlin’s coffin, they open it and then they see the merlin’s remains, mostly a skeleton that has decayed along with some clothes. We only see the corpse for a moment. Octimus is brainwashed, as we said earlier, to get the staff.

This movie has some of the most language I have heard. There are at least 30 uses of sh–(some of which are combined with bull and horse) and 20 of the Lord’s name. We also here 12 a–(that are combined with bad and dumb), 12 h-ll, 5 d-m-, 5 sh-t up, and 10 b-t-h. We also see one finger swear with a middle finger. There is more language as well, so be careful with the language in this movie. At one point, they are trying to fix Bumblebee’s voice, and after his voice box is turned back on, it doesn’t work right and Bumblebee spews out a bunch of bad words.


I’ve watched the old Transformer tv series, and this is taken to an entire new level. In the old shows, it was basically stop the Decepticons before it is too late. But this series is different, and I can’t say that it is a good different. I don’t like the amount of language that is in this movie. Other than that and the violence, there isn’t much, but it still is something to be careful about. Now, I know there are people who have seen all of the other Transformers movies and they want to see the sequel. That is fine! I do that all the time. I just want to warn you of the content in this movie. To buy or rent the movie, click below:


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