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Who is Laura Mayfield Bennett?”


Katie Lapp was an normal Amish girl. Well, that is if you count dating and playing a guitar in secret normal. The guitar was given to her by her now dead fiancé, Daniel Fisher. She wouldn’t have to play in secret if guitars were allowed in her town.

After Daniel Fisher died a few years ago, Katie is still mourning over him. When, the Bishop decides to propose to Katie, she agrees to put her past away and focus on the Bishop’s children.

When Katie’s birth mother comes to Hickory Hollow, asking to see Katie once before her death, her Amish parents refuse. Before she leaves, she give them a letter. Cleaning the firepit, Katie finds her birth mother’s name on a scrap of the letter.

She decides to look in the attic for any clues. When she finds a baby dress with that same name in her memory box, her parents explain. When she runs out on her wedding with Bishop John, people question shunning her.

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When Laura Mayfield {Katie’s birth mother} sees the Amish family’s child died, she gives up her own baby to them. Katie’s Amish family try to protect each other. People in the Amish town are close and look out for each other. We here Katie’s parents discussing that a shunning is only for the victims good. Her parents break the rules and talk to Katie when she is shunned, to explain things.

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Even though this movie has no language or violence, it has it’s downs.  “Your Amish in everyway except blood.” her Amish mom states. Apparently, blood is what matters most to Katie. “If only they knew, they would understand my problems being Amish. ” Katie thinks if everyone knows she was not really born Amish, people will excuse her behavior. There are many painful fights that involve screaming.

Katie believes that she was meant for so much more. She believes “Englishers” have it better. We know this is not true because God made everyone equal.


How will Katie except this? Will she continue her Amish life? Will she ever get to see her birth mother? Find out in The Shunning. If you like this movie check out The Confession. It is a continue of her adventure to find her mom. The review will be coming out soon! Click on the link below to buy.

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