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“I’m going to ace all my classes and become the greatest scarer ever!”


Mike Wazowski has  one dream. He wants to become a scarer. A scarer gets to go into the human world to scare people into screaming so that they can get scream energy to power their world. Mike wants to have this job, so he applies to learn how to be a scarer at Monsters University, where he meets Sully and Boggs, two people from the sequel, Monsters Inc. Can Mike become the scarer he wants to be, even though he looks like a one-eyed beach ball?

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Mike has a want to learn. He is determined to become a scarer, no matter what. His roommate, Randy Boggs, has a different perspective of things. Randy thinks that getting in with the cool kids is more important than passing all of his classes. Being popular doesn’t bother Mike. He is diligent and surprises people by how much he knows. Many people try to put Mike down, but he stands right back up. Mike has the right attitude for a successful college student.

On the other side is Sully. Sully is the son of a famous scarer. This gets Sully a good look by the teachers and by the popular people. We see Sully not studying and just partying. He doesn’t care about learning, he just thinks that he needs to be at the top without working. How in the world are these two, completely different, people going to run into each other?

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As I said, Mike is a good student, though he does get a little proud in a couple of scenes. He thinks that he will carry his entire team to the finish line by himself. He does however learn teamwork.

Sully is a very proud guy as well.  He says just because of his family name, he should be excused for anything, even cheating, which he does a couple times. He also lies, but he admits to it. Mike disobeys a few rules, and gets punished. His entire team breaks into a facility that they aren’t supposed to be in. Sully and Mike fight a lot in this movie, but they learn to get along.

As for language we only hear 1 “d–g it” and a couple name callings that are mild, since it is a G movie, the language is limited to pretty much that.


This movie is definitely full of fun and action. It is one of my favorite kid-friendly movies out there. It is a great movie for the entire family.Watch the movie to find out how Mike and Sully met. Will they pass their classes?

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