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“The federal Witness Relocation Program!”


Jack and his wife are the busiest couple. They both have jobs that they are constantly at. So much that they don’t even see each other. But all that changes one night when Jack is at work and witnesses a mob killing. After that, the government has to move Jack and his wife to a place where they won’t be found. They were moved to a church which would provide them with shelter and food. The only thing is that Jack has to be an associate pastor at the church, and he doesn’t know anything about religion.

After the pastor of the church dies, Jack has to become the church’s pastor. He hasn’t had any training and now a dying church is in his hands. Can he bring the church to its former glory, or will it fall to bits?

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Jack knows that if he leaves, his church will be destroyed. He wants to help, so he begins to use his time to learn about God. Both him and his wife come to know God. Also, even though he is told to not do things by the lawyers, he doesn’t listen to them and do what God wants him to do. He portrays a very faithful Christian. Also, there is no language in this movie.

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As I said in the beginning, Jack witnesses a mob fight, but we only see a guy shooting people who are off screen. Jack runs away as fast as he can so that he doesn’t get caught.

We also see people using a toilet from the ground. Also, in one scene while ladies are taking clothes that were said to be donated, Jack’s wife runs in and starts grabbing them. She pulls  some out of one person’s stomach claiming they are not pregnant and another saying her butt is not that fat, though it actually is.


This movie is perfect for any Christian family who loves comedy. There are many parts in this movie that will make both kids and parents laugh. I highly recommend this movie for a movie night for the entire family. Can Jack and his wife save the church, or will it close down? Find out in Can I Get Witness Protection.

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