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If your like me, you would be excited to have to get an injection every day. This is normal for Jonas and his community though. At first you may ask, “Why do they need an injection everyday? Do they have a seriously bad disease that we don’t know about?” The answer to that would be no. The injections they take are used to get rid of emotions, because if you live in this community, you will learn that emotions are dangerous.

If you read any part of the book, The Giver, then you will know that this takes place in the future. I’d say 2050 or so for the movie, but not for the book. The movie is a little different from the book, but it is still a good movie. Will Jonas just live the ordinary life everyone is used too or he try to change everything.

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Jonas wants to change things. He is not happy that his elders got rid of emotions. He wants to make it so that everyone can have the old way of life. His teacher, The Giver, agrees with him. Together they are going to work together to free the community. Also, Jonas wants his friends to be able to feel what he feels. His friends, Fiona and Asher, help him in his quest, even if it is against the elder’s control.

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There is not a lot of problems with this movie thankfully. There is one violent war scene in which people are shot and bleed to death. Another time a person is in an intense motorcycle scene. There is an awful lot of needles, as I said in the introduction. One person is shown getting close to injected in the arm. Multiple people get their “daily injections,” but you see nothing. There is one kid who is given a injection in his head. This is barely seen, but is still worth noting.

Also, we see Jonas kiss Fiona twice, against the rules. We also hear a person say that Jonas and Fiona were going to be “birth mothers.”

There is no language in this movie! This is rarity for any PG-13 movie! I would give it a PG rating, but that isn’t my place. More about that in the conclusion.


This movie was not completely off the book, but I still enjoyed it. It was definitely a successful movie in my opinion. Though there are some reasons it has a PG-13 movie, it isn’t that bad. Though I say this you should be careful when you watch this movie, especially if you hate needles. That all said, are you ready to watch Jonas try to change his friends lives. Can he succeed?

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