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“You’re saying that you can prove that God exists?”


How many people have asked you to prove that God exists? What did you say?  Most of us don’t hear that question asked of us, but that is not the case for Josh. Josh is a college student who is taking a class in which his teacher is a pure atheist. He wants everyone in his class to say that God is dead. Josh, being a Christian, can not do this. When refusing to do what is asked of him, the teacher decides to make it a game. Now, Josh has to prove the existence of God, or he fails his college course. Can he prove that God exists?

Ripe Apples

Josh doesn’t want to let God down. He knows what is right and knows that God will provide a way for him to do it. his girlfriend says that he should just drop the class, but Josh thinks this is a way that he can witness to others. His pastor encourages him to do this. Josh tries his best to prove God’s existence.

Rotten Apples

Being a Christian movie, there is not a lot wrong with it. Josh’s teacher is a very strong atheist who believes in evolution and he calls God “the man up in the sky” and other names. Also we see him drink and there are a couple references to sour wine.

We do see a Muslim father kick his daughter out of his house because she worships Christ. Also we see one guy get run over by a car and die slowly.

There is no language in this movie worth noting. This makes it kid-friendly.


“God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good.” That is a line from the movie that I think can be applied to every area of life. It basically states that God has a plan for our lives that we have to follow. It also has the lesson that we have to stand up for our faith. We need to stand strong when faced with trials. I enjoyed this movie very much. The lessons that were taught in this movie should be applies in every Christian’s life. I hope  you consider to watch it sometime. Will Josh be able to prove God exists?

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