Ella Enchanted

Genre: Fantasy/Romantic
Director: Tommy O'Haver
Writer: Laurie Craig, Karen McCullah Lutz, Kirsten Smith, Jennifer Heath, and Michelle J. Wolff
Release date: 2004-04-09
Runtime: 96 min.
Language: English
Plot: Ella is just like any other girl, except for one thing. When she was little, she was going a gift, that is also a curse. She was given the gift of obedience.<br />
Anne Hathaway
Hugh Dancy
Cary Elwes

Family Friendliness

My Personal Review

“Nobody should be forced to do they don’t want to do, take it from someone who knows…”


Ella is just like any other girl, except for one thing. When she was little, she was going a gift, that is also a curse. She was given the gift of obedience.  Now to some, this may sound like a miracle for your children, but it isn’t.

Ella learns that doing everything she is commanded is bad for her sometimes, and good for her in others. When it comes to right or wrong, can she do right when she was ordered to do wrong?

Ripe Apples

Ella tries to obey her mom and hide her gift. She also knows what’s right and wants to do it. The spell is the only thing that stops her. She also wants to help everyone be equal in the kingdom.  She says multiple times in the movie, “Nobody should be forced to do something they don’t want to do.”

Rotten Apples

Some if the things that Ella is forced to do are just wrong. She is told to steal and even hurt people. She is forced to do these things.
The violent content in this movie includes some fist fights and a few sword fights.  One person almost gets burned.
There is a little sexual content in this movie. We see a few ogre’s butts. We also hear a joke about the prince’s butt. Also, Ella is told to shake her booty, which she does.

Ella and the prince kiss a few times. Also, we see a few ladies, including Ella’s godmother, wear revealing outfits, some of which show cleavage.
A group of girls are crazy over the prince and they want to meet him. They shriek when they hear him. They kiss the floor where he walks. Also, when talking about his shower, a girl calls out, “I bet he showers naked!” Another person is peed on.

We see one woman act very drunk in two scenes in this movie. There also is a scene in which Ella is in a bar.

As for language, we hear a couple mild words and once the Lord’s name is used in vain. One person also says “bite me.”


This movie may be full of ogres, elves, and knights, but it also is full of some good lessons. It teaches the lesson of thinking of others, not just yourself. It also is very entertaining.  I recommend it for the whole family. I hope you watch this movie your next movie night. Will Ella find her godmother so she can take back the curse?

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