The Lost Medallion

the lost medallion
Genre: Adventure/Family
Director: Bill Muir
Writer: Bill Muir
Release date: 2013-10-03
Runtime: 97 min.
Language: English
Plot: When legend of a lost medallion is heard by young Billy Stone, he desperately wants to find it to impress his father.
William Brent
Sammi Hanratty
James Hong
Alex Kendrick

Family Friendliness

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Billy Stone is just a normal kid. His father is an archeologist, in search for lost medallion. This medallion has the ability to grant the wishes of the person who wears it. As long as that person’s heart is pure. Billy Stone goes on a hunt for the medallion, and he finds it. However, by accident, he uses it to go back in time. Now, Billy and his friends have to work together to get back home, and save the village people in that time period.

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This movie teaches many lessons.One of the lessons it teaches is that if one is wants to lead, he must be ready to serve his subjects. Another lesson learned is that friendships are very important. One final lesson learned is sacrifice. One character in specific sacrifices his life for the life of another.

Billy’s father does not have a good relationship with his son. Billy’s mother is dead, so it is up to Billy’s father to try to raise Billy, but in the beginning of the movie it is not going well.

In the end, good triumphs over evil. The villain is brought to justice and the village is set free. The kids get back home and the boy’s relationship with his father improves.

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There is a little bit of violence in this movie. It is PG though, so it is not a very big deal at all. We see two people poisoned by the cobra. This involves them getting cut and their veins in their head turn black before they fall over dead. We also see people fall into a lava pit. One person is seen onscreen shot by a bow and arrow.

There is no sexual content in this movie.

There is no drug content in this movie.

The only language in this movie is “j-rk” and a few other name calls.


In the end, The Lost Medallion is a great movie. It has a lot of great lessons to be taught. It also has a great plot. This movie entertained my entire family. I hope that you consider picking it up to watch it! I highly recommend it!

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