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I am Baymax, your personal health-care companion”


Hiro Hamada is a smart fourteen-year-old that wants to make a lot of money on just doing bot fights, but when tragedy strikes, things change. A new villain steals his tech. When Hiro learns of this, he has to form a team to get them back, one of being a nice huggable nurse bot named Baymax. His other members of his team, the geeks at the science lab, want to help and Hiro knows if they are going to pull this off, they’re all going to need some upgrades.

Ripe Apples

The entire team always is looking out for each other. Hiro’s brother, Tadashi, is always looking out for his brother, and encourages him to use his big brain. Baymax, the robot, doesn’t want to fight the villain. When the team messes up, they apologize. They don’t want to kill the villain, they just want to catch him.

When they find him, they ask him why he is doing what he is doing. When they find out, they understand why he is attacking. The entire team agrees “Our programming prohibits us from harming a human being. The team also saves some people’s lives. One character sacrifices his life.

Rotten Apples

Hiro gets angry and wants to kill the villain at one time. The villain repays evil for evil. The villain also steals parts from Hiro. Hiro also lies to his mom twice, but in the end it is fixed. Hiro also hustles one person. At this place, people bet and fight with robots, which is illegal. Hiro does go to jail though, for a short time.

There is a crude joke made about underwear, in which a person wears a pair for 4 days. Also, one person says that another’s flie (on his jeans) is down. We hear him zip it up.  We also hear that one kid is experiencing puberty. There is not a lot of language in this movie, making it kid friendly.


So are you ready to find out who is behind the stealing of Hiro’s tech? Why did the villain steal it? Is Hiro going to understand why bad things happen? Will the Big Hero 6 be able to take the villain down? Will a bunch of geeks be able to become heros? Find out the answer to all these questions in Big Hero 6. Click the link below to buy it:


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