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“With McMissle gone, who can stop us now?”


Mater is your everyday tow truck, until one day. When he is accidentally mistaken for an American agent, other agents start to take him on a crazy journey to stop a evil plan to get rid of gasoline. And in the midst of all this, Lightning is racing in what may be the most important race of his life. What he doesn’t know though,  is that he is wanted dead.

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Mater has a good character. Throughout the movie, he tells the truth. He also says that he isn’t perfect. He helps people, one says he is the only person nice to him. Also, Finn and Holly fight crime and try to stop an evil plan. When Mater causes problems, he says he is sorry and gets out of the way. Lightning learned a good lesson, he needs to be nice to his friends.

There isn’t a lot of language in this movie, Mater says “dad gum” and “shoot.” Also there is a use of “o my gosh.”

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Being a kid-friendly movie, there isn’t many problems with it. Lightning yells at Mater when he upset, not believing his friend. This is taught later that you shouldn’t do this. Finn takes out bad guys by blasting get them away(they usually Re turned into blocks or break into millions of parts.) Another character is very mean and teases Lightning throughout the movie. There are a few scenes in which someone is in a casino  ( though isn’t drinking or betting) and another person gets beat up in a bar.


This movie would make a great fit for a movie night, a drive in the car, or even to keep your kids entertained for an hour. Who is behind the plot? Why is he doing this? Will Mater be able to stop him or her? Click below to buy your super spy movie for the whole family.
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