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” It’s a Tacodile supreme…”


Ok, in Cloudy of with a Chance of Meatballs, food falling from the sky and all the global catastrophes was crazy, but now, somehow the FLDSMDFR survived and now is creating a bunch of crazy food monsters that are said to be dangerous. No one know how to stop them, until the inventor of the FLDSMDFR, Flint Lockwood, and the gang go to the island to stop them. When they get to the island, they see things that they never expected they would see in their entire lives.

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Flint Lockwood and his friends work together throughout the movie. Flint admits he was wrong when he messes up. Also, Flint and his friends learn the lesson that they are always friends, and nothing can separate it. Many people in the movie are hurt, but they forgive the person who was wrong. Also the good guys win. Overall, this movie has a good lesson. I think that it is a great movie for kids. I personally enjoyed watching the gang run away from cheese spiders and tacodiles.

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Being a PG movie, there is some problems with rude humor and language. There is a crude joke about one person cutting the cheese. The gang has to hold on to a strawberry until it “passes something.” Eventually it does, in the form of jelly. Also there is a few uses of “o my gosh” and “cr-pballs.” These are both used twice.

Some people lie and break up people’s friendship to get what they want. One person wants to murder the animals for his own purpose. Flint’s childhood hero Chester V is called Flint’s idol, and this term is used throughout the movie. Clearly, this is wrong, and Flint learns that.


This movie in my opinion has a good lesson and is very exciting. The plot is interesting and this is a great movie for kids. I recommend it to any family that is looking for a family movie night. How did all these animals come into existence? Will the gang be able to stop them? Why are they attacking humans? Find out the answer to all these questions in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Click below to buy:

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