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“there isn’t much time, everyday they grow stronger…”


When the Empire began to build a Death Star, the Rebellion needed to know how to destroy this planet destroyer before it destroyed them. When Jyn is found, they want her to her find her father, who helped build the Death Star. Jyn sets off to find him, and on the path they meet some new friends who want to help the Republic. Their mission, find any weakness that the Death Star has, and send that to the Republic. Throughout the Rogue One there is bravery, heroism, and even self-sacrifice shown.

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As I said above, all the characters in this movie sacrifice a lot to save the Rebellion. When all hope looks as if it is lost, they still trudge on. Jyn knows that it is up to her to lead the troops to battle, and the entire crew show some good characteristics like obedience and courage. They have a very low chance of winning, but they try to anyway. When Jyn learns that her dad is in trouble, she goes to help him. When someone’s friend goes to help somebody, he goes to help.

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A weird looking octopus wraps it’s tentacles around someone’s head to get information from them. There are many laser blasts that kill people, though not a lot of blood. One person, however, dies a slow death. People are seen being blown up and even are force-choked by the famous Darth Vader, as teased in the trailer. Chirrut attacks people with his staff. Rockets launched at AT-ATs blow the machines up. The Death Star blows up entire cities though you usually don’t see anything though but a flash of light and an explosion.

One person is really spiritual about the force. He’s always saying “I’m one with the force and the force is with me.” Also, two people say that they are Jedi monks.

As for language, there is a lone use of “What the….” by a shore trooper. This makes it a very good movie for people who don’t like movies with a lot of language.


Movies with X-wing battles and Rebels fighting for their very lives are a favorite of mine. I personally enjoyed and recommend Rogue One to any Star Wars fan. How will the Rebels get the Death Star plans? Will Jyn save her father? Will Krennic kill Jyn? The answer to all these questions can be found in the movie. If you wish to watch it please click below to buy it.


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