The Time Machine (2002)

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“I will change the past…”


Alexander is living the perfect life. He is one of the smartest people on the planet, has a beautiful girlfriend, and is at the top of his career. Nothing could make all this turn upside down, or so he thinks.

Just literally after proposing to his girlfriend, tragedy strikes. After the tragic event, Alexander wants to change what happen. Alexander questions how he will do this, but then he came up with the best idea. What if he created a time machine that could go back in time. He thinks he can change the past, but when that doesn’t work he has to go forward in time to find out why he can’t change the past. Can Alexander change the past?

Ripe Apples

Alex is depressed over the tragedy of what happened to his girlfriend, so he wants to build a time machine to fix it. When he builds the machine, he learns that he can’t change time. So he goes to the future to discover that the world has changed, and in many ways that if I started mentioning them, I would spoil the movie. All I can say is that Alex wants to change the past, but ends up trying to help the future. He doesn’t give up even though everyone tells him to.

Rotten Apples

The future is violent would put most of the rotten apples in one sentence. We see these monster-like people shoot darts at people, and then take them to eat them. We see the monsters with blood on their faces a lot. We also see there feeding room, which had skeletons and organs all throughout a pool that Alex swims in. These monsters are not the kind of monster you want to be showing little eyes. They are killers, and they don’t think twice.

Also, we see guns shot as well as people get run over by vehicles (offscreen). One person ages super fast and begins to disintegrate into dust, as do many other people, but quicker than the first.

Alex meets many different woman. Alex’s fianc√© however, has an accident. Alex meets Mara, who wears some revealing clothing. Alex and Mara also sleep in one room one night, not one bed though.

There is a lot of language in the first 30 minutes. We hear 2 “d-m-“s in the beginning, as well as some other rough language. Also, in one scene Mara calls Alex an idiot, partially to save his life.


I overall liked this movie. It has a decent amount of action and adventure. I highly recommend it to those who loves science fiction and time travel. Alexander has a great character and I think that H.G. Wells would be impressed by this movie. I would, however suggest that you only allow people 10 and up to watch this movie.

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