Top 5 Kid-Friendly (and Educational!) TV Shows

321 Penguins

#5- 321 Penguins

321 Penguins
Zidgel, Midgel, Fidgel, and Kevin are all highly trained penguins who travel through space to help those in need. Also, they bring on board two children to learn God’s word. All of the crew works together to  solve the problem, and then they all learn a lesson themselves.

#4- Wild Kratts

wild kratts
The Wild Kratts are brothers who try to protect animals habitats from people who want to kill them or turn them into clothes. Also, they teach some interesting facts about animals throughout the episodes.

#3- Sesame Street

sesame street
Sesame Street has been around for a while and teaches kids their numbers and letters. This TV show is definitely a good show for people who want their kids to always be learning more.

#2- Super Why

super why
Super Why is based on a bunch of superheroes who have to go into books to help people in trouble. In this TV show they teach pronunciation, spelling, and even the alphabet. This is definitely a good TV show for kids who like to read.

#1- Martha Speaks

martha speaks
Martha is a dog that ate some alphabet soup one day and learned to speak. In each episode, the kids learn definitions to some words that may be hard to understand. There are also other things that they learn as well. This movie is definitely a great TV show for kids all ages.
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