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“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads….”


Marty Mcfly is a normal teenager who goes to his high school every day. However, he has one difference from everyone else. He works for a doctor who many people think is crazy. However, as soon as it happens, Doc Brown is not crazy. He actually invents time travel. However, after a turn of events, Marty Mcfly takes the time machine back in time to when his parents first met. While trying to repair the past, Marty Mcfly must try to get back to his own time.

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Doc Brown and Marty Mcfly are very close friends. The work together to try to get Marty home. They also share their feelings with each other. They even work together to beat Biff as he is mean to Marty’s mom and Marty’s dad.

This movie shows that true love must be earned, and not just gained immediately. George Mcfly has to win Lorraine’s heart by being himself.

This movie is also very exciting and entertaining for something made in 1985.

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There is a little bit of violent content in this movie. We see a few punches. We also see a car chase that ends up in a car crashing. We also see one man shot down by bullets twice, but no blood found.

Lorraine flirts with Marty. In one scene Marty wakes up from being hit by a car and is said to be in his underwear. Marty quickly leaves cause he’s not supposed to be there. George and Lorraine kiss.

There isn’t really any drug content in this movie.

The language is throughout this movie, however “Great Scott” and “This is heavy” is usually used. “Sh–” and “D-m-” are mostly heard. We hear one use of “bl–dy.” The Lord’s name is misused a few times.


Overall, I like the Back to the Future series. The story-line is well thought out and entertaining. There could be less language in this film, but it’s nothing compared to movies made today. Will Doc Brown be able to get Marty back to his own time?

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