November 29, 2023

Back to the Future Films Ranked

There are three Back to the Future films and today we are going to rank them as the best to the worst. For each film we will provide a brief synopsis for you to decide if you’d like to watch this film. Let us know in the comments which you liked the best!

Spoilers Ahead!

1. Back to the Future

In this movie, we get to meet Doc Brown and Marty Mcfly. Doc has finally created his dream, a time machine. This time machine is a DeLorean that if it reaches 88 miles per hour the driver can time travel to whenever he would like. However, after an unfortunate turn of events, Marty travels to 1955 and accidentally gets involved in his parent’s meeting and his mom’s younger self likes him more than his father. Marty must find young Doc and work with him to fix the mess that he had caused.

2. Back to the Future 3

Marty has returned but in this film he learns that Doc was sent back to 1885 at the end of the last film. Doc sent Marty a letter telling Marty that he was living a normal life and was happy and not to come back for him. However, when Marty finds a tombstone that says that Doc dies 6 days after writing that letter, Marty decides to travel to the past to save Doc from his fate. However, Marty’s pride becomes a problem as whenever he is called a chicken he engages in dangerous activities, such as a showdown against Mad Dog Tannen.

3. Back to the Future 2

At the end of Back to the Future, Doc returns to 1985 to find Marty telling him that he needs to do something about his kids. It turns out that Marty’s kid ends up in jail and Marty in the future loses his job. Marty travels to the 2015 to save his future self and his child. However, Marty gets greedy and purchases a sports almanac that he wants to use to profit from time travel. However, he accidentally loses the almanac and Biff gets it, and gives it to his younger self. This leads to a very different 1985 than Marty is used to. Marty must travel back to 1955 to fix his mess and destroy the almanac and return everything to normal.

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