Why Lightyear is really doing bad at box office

Why Lightyear Really is doing bad at the Box Officer Really is doing bad at the Box Office
Why Lightyear Really is doing bad at the Box Officer Really is doing bad at the Box Office

What is happening

This weekend, the new Jurassic Park movie overcame Lightyear at the box office by millions of dollars. Even Top Gun: Maverick is still soaring high. However, Lightyear is just doing terrible at the box office. The expected amount that was projected for Lightyear was severely under what was actually made. The media states that since other blockbusters are out people haven’t gotten around to watching Lightyear yet. They are also saying that Pixar movies being released to the theaters aren’t going to do as well as ones released to Disney Plus. Other media outlets are saying its because other countries have banned it because of the gay kiss and other content found in the film. However, while these factors may play some role in the big picture, the media is hiding the real reason this film is doing bad.

The Truth

The main reason that Lightyear is not doing well is the fact that this movie shows a gay couple having a kid. This couple is also seen sharing a kiss. Most parents will not take their children to this movie just because of this single scene. There is no reason that this content is needed in a kids movie. Parents bring their kids to the movies to be entertained, but they do not want to bring them to a film that is going to brainwash their kids and tell them they can pick their own genders and marry the same gender. I predicted this would happen in my previous post about Lightyear. Parents do not want to have this conversation nor expose their children to this content.

Disney is going to have to quickly realize that kids are not theirs to force politics onto. The parents are to bring up their kids and teach them what is right, and this is very encouraging to see that families are standing up to these films.

What will be the outcome?

I am glad that parents are standing up and that this film is not doing well at the box office. Disney needs to realize that this type of content should not be forced on viewers. I do not expect Lightyear to change course by any means. I think that this will be a major blow to Disney, but I think they will just consider themselves trying to “break the ice” and make gay content the new normal in films. However, as long as the viewers keep making their points clear, Disney will start to lose money and have no choice to stop forcing into their films. I highly encourage families to keep fighting the good fight so this content does not become the new normal. It is not needed, especially in a kid’s film.

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