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Do you believe in the cross of Jesus Christ?”


Dark Alleys. Trash sorters. When a man with a cross walks up to a pastor and asks him if he believes in the cross of Jesus. He responds like any pastor would. “I am a pastor so…….”
“You didn’t answer my question.” Just then some robbers go to take his car. When he runs up to them, they point a gun at him asking him if he is ready to meet his maker. He surprises them by saying “Yes, are you? They speed away.
The pastor watching this all comes up with a new sermon called Do You Believe. That night he challenges everyone at church to do something to prove there faith. This movies is about twelve people who all came to that church and will somehow connect in the end.
From criminals to pastors and from homeless people to heartbroken they all have something in common. They all need a Savior. Jesus Christ.

Ripe  Apples

This movie has a lot of bible verses in it and since one man is a pastor we hear bits of sermons.
One couple has had a kid die which results into broking hearts. Finally, they work up the strength to go to a food pantry to hand out food. They meet a lady and a young homeless girl. Eventually, they do something to help them.
One of the twelve shows good character when he ends up losing everything just because of telling a dying person about Jesus. Instead of throwing a fit or getting mad he simply excepts it.
Another one of the twelve becomes pregnant and when her stepmother tries to get her to get an abortion. In the waiting room she feels it kick her and decides to let it live. This makes her have to in away from home. Lastly, there are no bad words.

Rotten Apples

Even though this movie is great in Spiritual things, it does have quite the violence. Two separate people get pointed at with a gun asking them about there faith. One person dies of losing blood.
Another person has a baby, but you don’t end up seeing it other than handing it to its mother in a blanket One person gets shot and dies and another person gets wedged under something and is in pain. Lastly, a couple of people ram a truck into a house ending up hurting people.


Do you Believe is a very powerful movie. It makes you want to go out and change the world. It also teaches a good lesson and portrays good morals. Not that I would let anyone under 5 see it. If you have seen God’s Not Dead 1 or 2 this would be a great movie to watch next.
Who are the twelve people? Will they all come to Jesus or will they continue their sinful lives?   You will have to watch the movie to find out. So, if you feel like an older kid movie night and this one sounds interesting, you can click below and buy it.
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