Curious George movie review

Curious George

George is your ordinary monkey, with extra curiosity. He likes to find out how things work and is amazed by they do. He can be mischievous at some points, but that is out of the picture. When he eating a banana in the tree, he sees a huge banana. He quickly follows it to find a man is wearing it.

National Treasure 2 Review

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

That’s right true believers! Ben Franklin Gates is back! This time, he isn’t after the Declaration of Independence or a treasure as he was in the first movie, National Treasure. Instead, he is out to clear his great-grandfather’s name. When a man brings forth evidence that says that his great-grandfather, Thomas Gates, helped with the assassination of Lincoln, Ben couldn’t accept it. So off was Ben to find the lost city of gold to prove his great-grandfather’s innocence. With Riley, Abigail, and his father helping him, can they clear Thomas Gates’ name?