September 22, 2023

The Adventures of Tin Tin

Tin Tin is a journalist that looks for stories and writes about him. In this movie he buys a model boat by the name of the Unicorn. Little does he know that that boat is one of the three boats that contain a clue to a treasure of gold. Determined to find out more about the boat, he sets off on an adventure to find out more. On the way, he’ll team up with Captain Haddock and his dog, Snowy, and together they will try to find the lost treasure before the enemy does. This movie is like National Treasure, but for kids!

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

That’s right true believers! Ben Franklin Gates is back! This time, he isn’t after the Declaration of Independence or a treasure as he was in the first movie, National Treasure. Instead, he is out to clear his great-grandfather’s name. When a man brings forth evidence that says that his great-grandfather, Thomas Gates, helped with the assassination of Lincoln, Ben couldn’t accept it. So off was Ben to find the lost city of gold to prove his great-grandfather’s innocence. With Riley, Abigail, and his father helping him, can they clear Thomas Gates’ name?

The Pacifier

Shane is a Navy Seal that had risked his life trying to save other. He has destroyed helicopters and infiltrated many enemy ships, but his latest mission isĀ  way different from that. His latest mission is to baby-sit/protect a mom’s children while she is in Switzerland. He thinks that it will be piece of cake, but he is way wrong. This family has a lot of needs and also is falling apart. Is this Navy Seal up to the challenge even though he doesn’t even know how to change the baby’s diaper?