September 22, 2023

She-Hulk Trailer out now!

A new Marvel show is on its way to Disney Plus. This series will follow the journey of Smart Hulk’s cousin, Jennifer Walters who is a Hulk even though she doesn’t want to be. She is tasked with being the face of a superhero law firm. However, trouble is right around the corner and She-Hulk must learn to master her powers with the help of guest appearances such as Daredevil and Wong.

Movies and Attention Spans

In this day and age with social media, when people watch videos they usually are only about 15 seconds to a minute long. This is how long a typical human can stay attentive to what they are watching without becoming bored. This is a interesting problem that has arrived in the last couple of years and while it has many effects, this post is going to focus on how this shorter attention span effects movies.