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The peanuts movie

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Charlie Brown is a below average person. Every time he tries to fly a kite it ends up in the dreaded kite-eating tree. He is very shy around girls, and his best pal is his dog named Snoopy and a friend named Linus, who carries a blanket everywhere he goes.

When a new kid moves into town, he wants to change the way he looks toward others. When he learns the new kid is the little red haired girl, he tries to impress her. In the meantime, Snoopy is writing a book about how he must save his love from the nefarious Red Baron.

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Charlie Brown has a great heart. In the movie, we see him helping others when they need it. Charlie Brown tells the truth when there is a mistake in a test.

Also, he shows bravery when he is in front of people. His compassion and sacrifice for his little sister is also a great demonstration for how kids should treat their siblings. He also never quits.

Snoopy is very loyal to his master. He (humorously) helps Charlie Brown learn to dance. Snoopy also is by Charlie Brown’s side when everyone else abandons him.

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Being a G-rated movie, there is not a lot of problems. We do see a little bit of butt shaking while dancing. Also, we see one person fall asleep before class starts. There is a little bit of gun shooting while the Red Baron is firing at Snoopy, but nobody dies.

He picks up a book on how to be a winner, and it tells him to forget everything he ever knew about himself. I don’t know if I agree with this.

There is barely any language in this movie. We see two “curse you Red Baron” ‘s and a few uses of the word “block head.”


I enjoy the Peanuts comics a lot. They are very funny and entertaining. I also enjoy this movie. I think that Charles Schulz would be proud of how his character Charlie Brown is portrayed. This movie has some great lessons and is great for the whole family. Will Charlie Brown get the courage to talk to the little red haired girl? To buy or rent the movie, click on one of the links below.


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