Storks Review
Genre: Animated/Comedy
Director: Nicholas Stoller, Doug Sweetland
Writer: Nicholas Stoller
Release date: 2016-09-23
Runtime: English
Language: English
Plot: Junior is about to fulfill his dream that he has had for his entire life. He is about to become boss of the biggest shipping business of the world. Do peoples run this business?
Andy Samberg
Katie Crown

Family Friendliness

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My Personal Review

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“Storks don’t deliver babies anymore…”


Junior is about to fulfill his dream that he has had for his entire life. He is about to become boss of the biggest shipping business of the world. Do peoples run this business? No! Storks run it. Now you are saying, wait a minute, WHAT! Storks deliver babies to parents, not packages. Ok, I’ll rewind the tape. Storks stop delivering babies because of all the struggles and now are a booming business that delivers phones and other things. In order to be boss, Junior has to keep a good character. His first job is fire a girl named Tulip. When he feels he can’t do this, disastrous things happen. Especially when Tulip accidently starts up the baby factory and a baby is made. Now Junior has to deliver the baby and hope he doesn’t lose his chance to be boss!

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Junior knows that he has a job to do. He wants to keep his job and also wants to be able to get this baby to her family. He also doesn’t want to be mean to Tulip, hence why he doesn’t fire her. Junior thinks that if she can be obedient, she could still work at the business.

Also, the family that is getting the baby has a story too. The child wants a brother to be able to play with since his parents are way to busy to hang with him. Eventually, the parents begin to do things with their son. This is a good view of how a family should work.

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Now, since storks supposingly deliver babies, there is a lot of sexual stuff in this movie. In one scene, we hear a child ask his parents where they got him, they laugh a lot and then change the subject. Also, when Junior and Tulip wake up, Tulip tells Junior to get the baby and Junior replies, “You get it, you made it!”(this is true she did start the baby factory, but this is meant to have two meanings, making the joke) In return he gets a slap in the face. We see a stork deliver a baby to a homosexual couple. We see a naked baby boy’s front for a second before he gets a diaper on.

There isn’t much violence at all in this movie whatsoever and there is no drinking content either.

As for language, we hear only mild words. Words like “h-ck” and “d-r-” are used a couple times. We also hear a “what the…” That is pretty much all the language.


Is this movie family friendly? Yes it is. It has very little language and violence. It also is very funny! There are some great jokes as well as great family lessons. It shows parents that they should spend time with their kids and even shows people to take responsibility for their actions. Though all this is great, I wish that there wasn’t as much sexual content. Some of it is meant to be funny, but it really is not. These things need to be talked about before you let your kids watch this flick (see what I did there, as in storks flicking their wings, never mind). Other than that, watch Junior and Tulip try to get the baby to its family!

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