May 24, 2024

God’s Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness


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“God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good…”


For the third installment in the God’s Not Dead series, we rush back to how God’s Not Dead 2 ended. Pastor Dave was arrested for not turning over his sermons to the police. After being released, he thinks that everything can go back to normal, but after an accident, his church is wanted to be torn down by a university after a huge accident committed by an unknown person. Not only that, but he has to deal with the loss of a friend who died in the accident. Dave wants to sue the university for trying to get rid of the church, and he begins to try, but he wonders what to do. He can’t seem to be able to tell what God wants him to do. Can Dave forgive the person who committed the crime? And what is he going to do about the university and their wanting to get rid of the church?

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This movie has some good biblical truths. It tells us that we need to forgive others when they wrong us and show them mercy. When Keaton is down, Josh tries to help her. When Dave is struggling with the attack on his church, his brother, Pierce, comes to help. Pierce also goes down a path of coming closer to Christ.

Dave understands why he has to give up his church, and he does. Dave also is unhappy that he has to sue his friend, but in the end they keep their friendship. Jude’s parents don’t blame Dave for what happened to Jude.

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This movie does earn its PG rating, however. Near the beginning, we see a man commit an act of vandalism and then throw a brick into a church’s window. When Pastor Dave calls the police, and there is a huge explosion. Pastor Jude, who was in the basement when it exploded, is fired back, making him bleed. Jude then dies a few minutes later.

Keaton is lost in this movie. She doesn’t know where to go. In one scene we see her in a house where people are drinking some unknown drinks, but my guess is alcohol. Keaton also kisses a guy twice in this movie. Keaton also tries to commit suicide by drowning herself (but it doesn’t work.)

We also see Dave wrestle with one guy and get a bruise on his head. Dave also pushes another person down but stops after that.


Having seen all of the films in the God’s Not Dead  series, I think that this is definitely a good addition. I love to see the lesson of mercy and forgiveness shown in this movie. I also like to see Pierce helping his little brother out in times of trouble. This movie has some funny lines as well as some forgotten truths. We should take this movie’s lesson to heart and apply it to our everyday lives. I think this movie could be seen by all ages, but there is one scene near the beginning that may not be suitable for them. If you are ready to watch this movie, please click on one of the links below:


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