February 29, 2024
Alter Egos Review

Altar Egos

Family Friendliness

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“This is never going to work!”


John’s father is a minister. He has his own church and everything went perfect. After his father passed away, it was up to John to become pastor of the church. John wanted to fulfill his father’s legacy, so he works very hard at keeping the church perfect, but now, he wants to have a change.

He wants to change how they do their Christmas Pageant. This gets many people upset with him and this leads to the choir director to boycott all choir in church. This really messes things up and the church gets angry, and John may lose his job. John doesn’t know what is wrong, so he persuades his son, Jack, to make him look older so he can hang with the choir to find out why they are doing this. In the process, many hilarious things happen, but will these Alter Egos be discovered?

Ripe Apples

This movie is a Christian movie that is rather family-friendly. John only wants what is best for his church. John’s wife supports him and they both want to help, but understand that that many not be their calling. John’s son tries to help his father, even if it means he can’t date the cutest girl in class. This shows the importance of family first.

Though John’s family constantly tells him, “You have gone mad!” Another 2 person admits they were wrong and ask for forgiveness for their sin. This is important for us to take responsibility for our actions.

Rotten Apples

The things in this section are mostly light. There is one scene in which a little girl is standing still, peeing on stage, no one sees this on camera, and when they clean it up, they throw it at the pastor. Another person starts a fight with Jack, who hits him in between his legs, and the attacker runs away gripping his belly area.

John and his son where disguises to hide who they really are. This makes them live a double life with the older people who believe they are older people, this is just wrong. In fact, one woman is so attracted to Jack that he says, “If I get any closer to her, I’ll need a marriage license!” Jack lies a couple times to keep himself from being discovered.

There is one lone use of “oh my goodness” throughout the entire film.


This movie is very funny! I know that I had a great laugh while watching it. It has some important lessons that every family needs. We need to make sure that we all understand each other and help each other out. It also teaches the importance of forgiveness. This movie is definitely a movie I would recommend for the entire family. Check out Alter Egos!

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