February 28, 2024
Christmas Lodge movie review

Christmas Lodge

Family Friendliness

My Personal Review

“Oh what I would give to have another Christmas up at Christmas Lodge”


Mary is a very busy woman! She is constantly working at her job and trying to manage a relationship with a man at the same time. When she finally gets a vacation, she goes hiking on a trail and finds a lodge that she used to go to. When she sees that it is falling apart and the owner can’t fix it up, she wants to help. When she begins to however, her boyfriend leaves her. In the midst of all the trials, can she fix the lodge?

Ripe Apples

Mary and her family want to help Jack, the owner of Christmas Lodge. They even give up a lot of money to have fix it up. They even halt their buisness to help it. The family is very close. They all work togeth throughout the entire time. The grandpa is does the most for the Christmas Lodge.

Rotten Apples

Many people in Mary’s family talk about their grandmother as if she is some supernatural being.

Jack’s kid lies to her father. Eventually she is caught eventually.

There is no language in this movie.


This movie is a great Christmas movie if you ask me. It does have a lot of grownup talk that some kids may not pick up on, but it still is kid-friendly. I hope that you pick Christmas Lodge as your next new Christmas movie to watch!

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