May 24, 2024
Letters to God Review

Letters to God

Family Friendliness

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“Letters to God. What do I do with these?”


Tyler is a young boy who has brain cancer. Tyler isn’t guaranteed if he will live through it. It really is tearing his family apart, and they don’t know what to do. Tyler, however, knows what he is going to do. Tyler believes that God can heal him, so everyday he sends God a letter to see if God can heal him.

In the meantime, a mailman named Brady is in a tough situation. His wife and kid left him, and now he is alone. He tries to forget about what happened by drinking alcohol, but when everything seems to be lost, he finds Tyler’s letters. Unsure what to do with them, he ends up bringing them to a church. Eventually he becomes a friend to Tyler, and helps Tyler helps him in his struggle. Can Tyler get better, or will this disease take him? Will Brady ever see his ex-wife and kid again?

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Tyler trusts that God can heal him if he wants too. Tyler has the strongest faith in God throughout the whole movie. Throughout the movie, many other characters grow their faith in God as well.

Brady is in a tough spot in the beginning of the movie, but the influence that Tyler’s letters put on him help him out of his trials. Brady stops drinking and even starts to become a better man.

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No violence is shown in this movie other that a bottle being thrown at a wall. We see some scenes in which Tyler is being injected with some medicine. We also see Tyler puke a couple times.

Tyler once asks his mom if when one person dies, does one replace him. Tyler asks this because he thinks that his neighbor’s new baby boy is going to replace him because he believes he is going to die.

Brady is seen drinking on multiple occasions and he also acts drunk. A bartender takes away his keys so that he will not crash.

Brady once says “I’m in h-ll.” That is pretty much the only language we hear other than “O My G-sh.”


Brain Cancer is a serious thing that can hurt families for the rest of their lives. That is the case for Tyler’s family, who will never fully get over Tyler’s journey through cancer. This movie is based off a true story that actually happened.

The lessons taught in this movie are very biblical and can be applied to everyone’s lives. I highly recommend this movie for the entire family. Feel free to leave a comment about the movie in our comment section.

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