May 24, 2024
Santa Clause movie review

Santa Clause

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“I’m not Santa Claus!”


Scott Calvin is just an average ordinary man who has recently had some trouble with his ex-wife. However, on Christmas Eve, something happens to him that will change his life forever. When he hears footprints on the roof, he thinks it might be a robber, but he didn’t think it would be Santa Claus. The bad news is that Scott scared Santa so that he slipped and fell. Now it is up to Scott to take up the mantle of being Santa Claus.

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Scott really is a nice guy, he tries his best to do a good job at his work, and is usually friendly with his ex-wife and her boyfriend, however, he does occasionally call the boyfriend some names. Throughout the movie, Scott tries to be a good father to his son since he knows that he can not always be there for him.

This movie is full of hilarious scenes with Scott trying to be Santa. It will definitely have you laughing till the end.

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The only violent content in this movie includes that someone falls off of a roof. This person is seen on the ground and then he disappears.

Scott is in his underwear for a good ten minutes of the movie, he even mentions the fact that he is in his underwear. Scott is divorced and we hear about that fact an awful lot.

We see Scott at a business party and a couple people are drinking a mysterious drink there. No one acts drunk though.

We only hear a few uses of “d-m-” and about 4 uses of the Lord’s name in vain in this movie.


Santa Clause is a really funny movie. It is hilarious to watch Scott Calvin change into Santa. There are actually to other Santa Clause movies as well. I loved the movie, but I wish that there was a little less language in it. Overall, however, I think that you will enjoy this movie. Rate this review below!

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