February 28, 2024
Buzz Lightyear

Opinion: Lightyear just flew past PG

The shocking news…

So, it has just been discovered that Pixar has added a gay kiss to the upcoming Pixar film Lightyear. This is in response to the new “Don’t Say Gay” bill that is being talked about in Florida. Disney has mostly stayed on the edge between including gay content in movies, though we have seen a steady of increase of this content in Disney films like Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and Marvel’s The Eternals. This is nothing new, but the fact that it is being added to a movie meant for kids is concerning. I believe that a lot of parents, even some that think gay marriage is ok, will not let their children see this movie because they do not want their children to be exposed to that type of content at such a young age.

What’s Sad

Recently, movies and films have become a lot more political than they used to be. People used to enjoy a good story in a movie and take a lesson away from a movie that they can apply to their lives. Now, Disney and Pixar just want to expose you to whatever social norms they want and they think that they will be able to get you to believe this is ok because you see this in a movie. Just imagine if a kid sees this movie and kisses his friend, and then says, “I saw it in the Buzz Lightyear movies so its ok.” This is not something that should be being taught, and Disney should be ashamed to be adding this in a kids movie, or any movie whatsoever.

This completely ruins the original character that Tim Allen played, because now you’ll have people thinking about this kiss whenever they watch a Toy Story movie. Lightyear should get a PG-13 rating just for this content.

What could be happening

Disney could be letting Pixar do this, and when the movie flops decides that it doesn’t need Pixar anymore. This very well could be what is happening. Disney has made some very successful children films recently like Frozen, Wreck-it-Ralph, and Encanto, which don’t have a lot of woke content. We could see the two companies break off after this film. I suspect the media will make this movie seem like it is a big deal and promote it heavily, but in the end it will fail in the box office, just like Eternals did. I know there’s a big difference between a Marvel movie and a kids movie, but the concept is the same. What do you think will happen to this movie? Leave a comment below!

Source: https://www.giantfreakinrobot.com/ent/buzz-lightyear-same-sex-kiss.html

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