May 19, 2024
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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Justice is Coming.

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Jack Reacher, the one guy that you don’t want to mess with. He is so strong he can take down a gang of men and punch through a windshield. When one of his friends is arrested for something that she didn’t commit, he needs to get back in the action. He wants to find the Hunter, who is killing a lot of people and making it look like Jack did it. Can Jack figure out how to beat the Hunter before it is too late?

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Jack tries to do everything to help a little girl and his friend. He wants to make sure that everything works out right. At one part in the movie, he tries to apologize for his actions.  Jack also offers his life for the sake of another person. In the end, the bad guys lose. Jack is always one step ahead and wants to make sure his friends are safe. He used to work for the U.S. but left.

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Jack hurts a lot of people. He shoots them, he punches them,  and he slams them into things. He makes very many people bloody. Jack says “I’m going to kill you” to the Hunter. In an epic beat-down, we see him break a guys legs, arms, and neck before he lets him go. The Hunter also kills a lot of people.

Jack is seen shirtless a lot and Turner (the girl that was arrested) appears without her shirt once. It almost look like they sleep together. Two people wonder if they are related and one quickly quotes “I think I know the woman I sleep with.” One girl lies a lot and also disobeys Jack.

In this movie, there is a ton of language. God and Jesus’ names are misused about 5 times. The most dominant bad word is “s–t” and it is sometimes alone or with other animals in the beginning, such as horse and bull. This word is used about twenty times.  There also is some “h–l” with “what the…” in front of them.


So are you ready to see Jack take on the Hunter? Will Jack find out what is going on fast enough? Is Turner guilty? Why are people after Jack? Does Jack have what it takes to defeat this plot? Find out in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.

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