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“I want this wedding to be better than Karen’s”


A bridal boot camp? When Molly’s to be husband doesn’t show up to their wedding, Molly decides to start a boot camp to help prevent any mistakes in marriages. When she goes to a friend’s wedding she meets Nick. He is a wedding cameraman. When he and Molly dance, they agree to work together. Molly agrees to try to get Nick some jobs with some of the people at her boot camp. She thinks Nick is a single man, but is surprised when she finds out he is already engaged. Janna’s sister just got married and had a “perfect wedding.” Janna wants to have an even better wedding. In fact she wants it perfect. Nick is worried about their relationship. Janna desperate to find a wedding dress, sees Molly’s sister’s dress. She immediately wants it.

Ripe Apples

First of all, like I said the whole reason Molly started a bridal boot camp to help others with marriage. She just wants marriage to be a happy thing. Second they teach a lot of forgiveness in this movie. When Molly’s sister’s wedding dress goes missing, Molly tries to comfort her sister.

Molly is very kind. When things are going crazy with Nick and Janna she tries to help.  She also looks out for her younger sister. In her boot camp, she teaches the girls things like patience,  kindness, and honesty. Even when things get tough Nick tries to work things out.

In one case where a character does something wrong she makes it right and apologizes. Finally, there are no bad words.

Rotten Apples

Like I said in Ripe Apples there are no bad words. Since, this is a Hallmark movie there are no parts I wish they would change.


So are you ready to figure out how Nick and Janna work it out? How will Janna have a perfect wedding without the perfect dress? Ready to see another Hallmark movie starring the Lee and Rosemary form When Calls the Heart?

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