WCTH – Season 9 – Out Like a Lamb

Out Like a Lamb had some promise for some character development. Mountie Nate had been hit by a car, and we were led to believe that he would have some amnesia. Led to believe that by the trailer for the next episode. Finally, something that might break up the flirting that had been going on between the two “almost love-birds.”

But it was a fake-out– a trick that Nathan was playing on Elizabeth. Turns out that the Mountie would milk this injury to get some R&R as well as ice cream from Lucas because… Elizabeth chose him? Still trying to work that out.

Some plot development is happening with the Pastor’s son, who tells his mother he no longer wants to go to church and is hanging out with some bad teenage influences in town. Methinks this will be some way to show the Pastor in a different light. Could round out his character.

The new Pharmacist also has a way with horses, which is a good thing because Elizabeth can’t seem to do anything with Nathan’s wounded horse.

The biggest event of the episode was the announcement of who would be the next mayor. You kinda figured that there’d have to be a recount after all the election stuff of late, but if you’d been paying any attention, you’d know that Hickam was going to win. You wouldn’t have known he wouldn’t have even been around to hear it, though.

Which is a good move to get Bill out of doing everything, but leaves Lee in a weird position where he takes a job working for his wife with the newspaper… ? How is that a thing? A successful businessman with more than enough work to do takes a job working for his wife answering phones? This isn’t a good move, in my opinion.

Henry shines as he makes up with the man that’s trying to buy the oil field and has good conversations with Fiona before she mysteriously jumps into a car headed to… California?

Lots of weird things going on in Hope Valley, but I have yet to figure out a coherent plot in a short season. Still, this episode did make me laugh when they brought in Nathan’s crushed hat, but they need to get a coherent storyline and a multiple story arc going.

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