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“Who shot Abraham Lincoln? Uh…. Colonel Sanders?”


Ernest P. Worrell is the janitor at a school. He plunges toilets, he vacuums up dirt, and does other odd jobs. But that all changes when the school requires employees to have graduated high school, and there is one person who didn’t pass high school. And his name is (did you guess?) Ernest P. Worrell. In order to keep his job, he is going to have to go back to school and pass. Otherwise he is going to be sent packing. Can Ernest pass his schools and keep his job?

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Ernest is a good guy. He just wants to do his job and do it right. He is beyond funny, literally, everything this guy does gets a chuckle. Also, he wants to help his school from being closed. Some of Ernest’s friends show great friendship by helping him study. All together, this movie is kid friendly, and I would say all ages could watch this. There is no drug/alcohol content in the whole movie other than a brief mention of chaperone.

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There is no violent content in this movie. One exception is we do see fireworks fired near the ground and they end up setting things on fire, but other than that, this is not a violent movie.

The only sexual content in this movie is stuff that I would push aside. Ernest has a crush on one of the teachers and another kid has a crush on a girl his age. We also see a girl blow a kiss to a guy.

There is a little language in this movie. We hear one use of the Lord’s name as well as a couple of name callings, one being “dipstick” and “jerk.”


Watching Ernest go through school again will definitely bring back memories. Though most of the time it isn’t his fault he gets in trouble a lot, in many different ways. I just would love to see a scene in which Ernest goes to the principal’s office. Anyway, this movie is kid-friendly and I recommend it to anyone who loves comedy. Will Ernest pass high school? It would take a miracle…

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