February 29, 2024

Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1

None of our lives can matter more than this mission…


Ethan Hunt and the IMF are back in a new film that features breathtaking stunts, exciting action, and a nail-biting plot. In the latest installment of the Mission Impossible franchise, Ethan Hunt must compete against the Entity, a sophisticated AI program that has the ability to control anything digital. Ethan must find the key that acts as a failsafe for this AI and use it to destroy the Entity before one of the world governments finds it first to use it to control the world.

Ethan, however, is not alone. His friends have joined him as well as newcomer Grace. Together, they must work together to outsmart the AI and keep it out of the hands of the world’s governments.

Ripe Apples

Ethan cares about his team. He doesn’t want anything to happen to them. Therefore, he strives to put himself in danger rather than his friends. He is seen even doing the same for his enemies, as he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt.

Ethan’s friends, at the same time, are there to help Ethan and do not want to see him get hurt. We see them coming to the rescue to help him when he needs it.

When the Entity is discovered, every world government wants to control it so that they can control the truth and the world. Ethan, however, realizes that no one can be trusted with the AI and wants to destroy it before someone gets their hands on it.

Rotten Apples

The violence in this film consists of many knife and gun fights. We see a few people stabbed and shot. We also see an intense car chase. There are other intense scenes and explosions. A few people are seen drowning.

There is some suggestive dancing in this film at a party. A man falls on top of a woman in a sexual position on accident.

At a bar scene people are seen drinking alcoholic beverages.

The Lord’s name was misused a few times and was paired with the d word a few times as well. Some s,d, and h words. ‘Bastard’ is used once. There is also an incomplete f bomb.

People lie, steal, and cheat all the time so that they come out on top. Ethan Hunt, however, does his best to do what he knows is right.

My Thoughts

This film was a great entry into the Mission Impossible Franchise. It was a delight to see Tom Cruise on the big screen again playing Ethan Hunt. The villain in this film, the Entity, brings valid concerns about the use of AI in our everyday lives. It is interesting to watch the IMF fight against a villain that knows more about them than they know about each other.

Ethan Hunt realizes that every government in the world is going to want to get their hands on the AI so they can control the world and truth. Ethan realizes that that is too much power for anyone to have and vows he will destroy the AI when he finds it.

As in typical Mission Impossible fashion, Tom Cruise does some practical stunts in this film. The most notable is riding a motorcycle off of a cliff, which makes the audience fear for his life. The film also shows how the film crew literally crashed a real train for the film. These stunts are amazing and shot very well, so the audience feels that they are with the characters in the film.


Overall, this was a great film that was very entertaining. You can tell that everyone on the Mission Impossible film crew did their best to make the best film possible. Tom Cruise did it again to make a film that appeals to audiences everywhere while setting up a great sequel without leaving too much of a cliffhanger. We hope you’re counting down the seconds until Dead Reckoning Part 2 comes out just like we are!

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