Should You Walk Out of that Movie?

Should you walk out of that movie?

movie theaterYou’ve paid for the tickets and found the best seat in the house. The popcorn’s great, and you’ve finally passed the local ads and are watching the trailers as they pass by one by one.
Maybe it’s within the first few minutes, or maybe you’re half way through, and suddenly you realize that you really feel that continuing to watch this movie is something you really don’t want to do– but you’ve already paid money and you’re hear with someone else. What do you do?

Today’s modern movies continue to push the edges with action, romance and language in efforts to get edgier and appeal to a segment of the populace that makes purchases. It used to be said that the most profitable movies were rated G, but don’t tell Hollywood that. They are constantly hyping and talking about getting that PG-13 rating or the latest R movie to take the world by storm.
The question is, do you stay or do you go? The choice is ultimately yours.

Prepare in Advance

In order to be a person of principle, you need to decide in advance what criteria you have that would help make that decision for you, and stick to it.
Maybe it’s language. You showed up to the movie and every other word is some kind of vulgarity or profanity. Where is your line before you get up and walk out?
A good rule of thumb is whether you’d tell someone you went to the movie. If you can’t, in good conscience, mention that you saw the movie, it would probably be better if you made a point and got out of there– or never go in the first place.

Better To Not Even Go, Then to Have to Leave

Before you walk into a movie, knowing a few things about it could be handy. When you want to check out a movie, here are two things you can do before you go to the theaters:

  1. Check it’s rating: If it is a G or a PG, you’re probably fine. This is not true for a PG-13 or a R.
  2. Look up a movie review: Check our website or some other website so you can know what kind of content is in the movie.

Summing it all up

The point is that if you know about a movie before going there, then you should know the dangers and whether you’d feel comfortable being there. Now, even being armed with a decent review, you should be able to feel confident, but there still may be issues– which takes us back to the first point: Be Prepared to Walk Out.
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