April 15, 2024
Psych: The Movie

Psych: The Movie

Spoiler Warning!


The last time we saw Shawn and Gus, Shawn had just proposed to Juliet. However, right after proposing, someone swooped in and stole the engagement ring. Shawn is obsessed with this ring and wants to find it so that he can get married to Juliet. While he is looking, a mysterious man appears from Juliet’s past and kills her new partner at work. Shawn and Gus must figure out who this mysterious killer is and stop them from harming anyone else.

Can these two psychic detectives save the day once again? C’mon son.

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Shawn and Gus want to help Juliet with figuring out who killed her partner. As soon as they hear about the news they immediately rush down to the hospital to help solve the case. At times they are told to stop helping, but they continue to investigate because they care about Juliet.

Shawn has been delaying getting married due to the fact of his grandmother’s ring going missing. However, he really is just using that as an excuse to avoid commitment. A few people point him out on this and by the end of the film, Shawn is done running and gets married to Juliet.

Juliet had skipped some steps in protocol before making some of her arrests. This leads some people to hold grudges against her. Juliet begins to doubt if she was a good cop and if she was doing a good job. However, Carlton Lassiter assures her that sometimes cops have to improvise in order to get the job done and that she hadn’t done anything illegal.

When one of their own is kidnapped, the entire Psych family bands together to find and save her.

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In the final scenes there is a big fight in which everyone is involved. We see Henry and Woody get attacked by a woman who is much younger than them. There is a lot of fist fights and a few people get shot (one gets shot repeatedly offscreen.) We see Juliet fight another woman and at the end of the fight they both have blood on their faces.

There are a few sexual references in some of the jokes that are told. These jokes are not out of the ordinary for people who have watched Psych, however. Gus has a stalker throughout the film that is obsessed with him.

There is no drinking or smoking in this film.

There are a few uses of the h and d word. “B—h” and “B——d” are both used once.


Psych: The Movie is really a great film that all fans of Psych are going to love. A multitude of the original cast and some guest stars return for the film and some of the characters were truly unexpected. The film fits with how the series wrapped up and it leaves room for more sequels to follow. The entire film feels like a Psych episode but ten times better. If you are a Psych fan and you love crime-solving films, this movie is definitely for you. Let me know your thoughts about this film in the comments!

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