February 28, 2024

Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom

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Indiana Jones, the famous archaeologist, is back. After trying to drop off a artifact to a buisnessmen, his life is threatened. After a mixture of events, Indy is stranded in a village with many people who say their children have been captured by some evil men. Indy immediately accepts the challenge to go to the palace and find out where they went, only to learn of some very interesting facts.
With Indiana Jones on this trip is his little loyal friend named Shortround. Also a woman named Willie along by accident. The problem is, Willie hates the jungle. Can they stop the villains from what they are trying to do, and can they rescue the children?

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In this movie, Indiana Jones rescues some children who have been captured to be slaves. He also helps save others by getting their stone back. When Indy is in trouble, Short Round helps him out. Short Round is very loyal to Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones also shows that he doesn’t do everything for glory. He also tries to help his enemies, even after they are seen fighting him.

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Being the first PG-13 movie ever, there is a lot of stuff that gives it its review. Throughout the movie, we see Indy shirtless. We also see Willie in an immodest outfit. In one seen Indy and Willie talk about sexual practices and nocturnal activities. Indy and Willie kiss in this scene. They also kiss at other times too.

The stones that Indy is after are said to be magical. There is said to be five of them by the bad guy. The villain wants them all, so he is searching for them. This villain is very evil, so evil that he sacrifices people by pulling out there heart and sending them into a pit of lava. This is seen in action in one part of the movie. The heart pulling out is incredibly disgusting and scary. People are shot by guns and thrown off cliffs.

There is also a scene in which a person is using dark magic to make Indy feel pain. When a person jabs a knife into a cushion, Indy cries out in pain. Also, when people drink blood, they seem to be under a spell. This looks a lot like demon possession. Also, at one feast, we see some nauseating dishes. Examples include chilled monkey brains and a snake full of live eels.

The language in this movie is to make one cautious. There is one use of h-ll and 1-2 use of d-m-. There is 7 to 8 uses of the Lord’s name in this movie. 5 of them are used repeatedly. They are found when Indy is about to cut the bridges ropes. A few other words are heard in this movie as well.


I likes this installment of Indiana Jones. It has a lot of action and a ton of adventure. As exciting as it is though, I would be careful about letting little eyes see it. It is very scary in some scenes and it earns it’s movie rating. That said, it is a great movie for those interested in adventure movies. Will Indy be able to stop the villain from getting all the stones, and why does the villain want the stones? Find the answer in this movie, click on the link below to buy your ticket to adventure!


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