May 24, 2024

Doctor Strange


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“My name isn’t Mr., Master, it’s Doctor Strange!”


I didn’t think that Doctor Strange was much of a hero until I saw this movie. It has a great plot and has some very funny parts in it. Dr. Stephen Strange is a neurosurgeon, one of the best in his league. But he does have an overinflated ego, and one day, while driving on a slippery road, his life is changed his life. When he crashed, he injured his hands so that they were shaky all the time. When that happened, he could no longer be a neurosurgeon anymore. Strange, eager to get his old life back, tries many different surgeries, but none of them work.

Then he hears of a man who was healed after being paralyzed. Desperate to find the person who healed him, he went off only to find a bunch of sorcerers who protect our world from mystic areas. But the problem is, Strange has shaky hands, which make him think he can’t do it. But when a minion of the powerful Dormannu comes along, Doctor Strange must put his powers to the test. With the time stone and the Cloak of Levitation at his side can he do it?

Ripe Apples

Strange wants to help others. He is seen saving people’s lives throughout the movie. In the beginning, he is very full of himself, but near the middle, he begins to think about others. He even sacrifices his life so that all the other people of earth can live, but not the kind of sacrificing your thinking.

Mordo helps Strange get trained and helps him along the path of becoming a sorcerer. Also, Wong helps him.

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There is a little bit wrong with this movie. We see two people slowly dies and one (in the shadows) have his head cut off. We also see lots of blood on people, especially Strange. The sorcerers form mystic weapons to help them in their battles. We see a few men stabbed. We also see 3 people turn into a zombie-like creatures.

There is a lot of magic in this movie. People talk about meditating and that your soul is a separate being. It all is a jumbled mess. Some say that there is a dark dimension that brings eternal life and that people should want the dark dimension (which is evil) to take over the earth. But this can’t happen if the 3 secret sanctums stay up, so Dormannu has destroy them first, and Strange isn’t going to allow that. Dormannu is a demon who is very powerful, and it is going to take a lot for strange to beat him.

We also here Strange ask his “girlfriend” if she is sleeping with someone else, and she replies no and says it is her strange policy, referring to him. Strange also is shirtless in one part of the movie.

As for language we hear 1 sh-t, 1 a-s, 1 as–h-l-, 2 of the Lord’s name and a little more language. But other than that, that is about everything wrong with this movie


Doctor Strange is one of my favorite avengers. He is very kind and doesn’t want to kill anyone. This makes him a good hero model. I think that I would let kids 11 and up see this, but just be sure you know what is in the movie. Other than that, you should be fine. Will Doctor Strange be able to stop Dormannu from taking over the earth? Will Doctor Strange get his hands fixed? Find out in Doctor Strange. Click below to buy the movie.


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