April 15, 2024
Samaritan Movie Review

Samaritan (2022)


The Samaritan was a superhuman who protected the world against his brother. However, about 25 years ago, the Samaritan and his brother, Nemesis, fought one last fight in which both disappeared, never to be seen again. However, once a new gang appears to attempt to fulfill Nemesis’s final plan, there are rumors that the Samaritan is back as a unknown individual that goes by the name of Joe Smith (Sylvester Stallone) appears.

Sam Cleary, a thirteen year old kid, is convinced that Joe is the Samaritan. However, Joe insists that he is not, but the superhuman things that he is able to do says otherwise. Why is Joe hiding in the shadows, and will he stop the gang from taking down the power grid?

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Sam Cleary is a good kid. While he does make an occasional mistake, like help the gang steal money and lottery tickets, he mainly is just trying to help his mom financially. When Sam meets Joe, he is convinced that Joe is the Samaritan. He constantly tries to convince Joe that he needs to help others, even when he learns the truth about Joe.

At the beginning of the film, Joe wants nothing to do with anyone but himself. He just wants to fix things that are broken and leave it at that. However, when he sees Sam in danger he wants to save him and begins to show that he cares about others and is willing to sacrifice himself.

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There is a lot of violence in this film, especially in the final scene. However, there is not a lot of blood, despite people being shot multiple times. One person is hit by a car in one scene but his bones slowly snap their way back in place. We see other broken bones, dead bodies, and explosions. We also see people engage in fist fights and fights with random pieces of junk. The violence earns this film it’s PG-13 rating.

The Samaritan

There’s not really any sexual content in this film. We see a few posters of women in bikinis and one woman wearing a sports bra.

Some alcohol is consumed throughout the film.

This film has quite a lot of language in it, enough that I was surprised that it was not rated R. There are about 15-20 uses of the s word, 10 of the h word. We also hear the a word used in 2 different variations. The b word is used about four times. The Lord’s name is misused about 5 times, mostly combined with the d word. The f bomb is heard once.


I thought that this film was an interesting superhero film, especially since it was its own standalone story and not part of a bigger universe. Overall it had a great plot and an amazing twist that I did not see coming. Sylvester Stallone did an amazing job playing the Samaritan. My only criticism for the film are that there is way too much language. The plot also felt like it was moving pretty slow at one point, but eventually everything made sense. Let me know what you think about this film in the comments!

Watch the film today:

Samaritan (2022)

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